Aug/Sept 2020 Monthly Focus

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Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle .

August/Sept Monthly Focus: 5 to thrive and survive

There is a big difference between thriving and surviving — but recent world events have thrown us into a season of what feels like constant survival mode.

Some days it seems we have it all figured out — others we are hanging by a thread. When life is stressful and exhausting it is our real strong basics that keep us functioning and focused day in and day out — despite the chaos. 

This month we will focus on our BASICS using a 5 to thrive (and survive) theme with the addition of one #BigChange each week. This big change is not to be taken lightly — this is your chance to take control in an area where you really want to thrive.

In addition to our above focus we will do a daily EXTRA fitness challenge called #CuzICan I will post this EXTRA in the daily post each day and you can add it on after your workout or throughout your day when you have time.

Print your club EVENT calendar to keep track of LIVE workouts, LIVE chats and other events happening in the club!!!

We will have a few ZOOM office hours this month so that you can hop into the zoom room and ask me questions, work through a struggle or chat about anything that you need to work through. Check the calendar for dates and times.

ALSO Don’t forget about our weekly Zoom chats! A zoom chat is a video conference style meeting where we get to SEE each other and chat casually!! Super FUN!!! Join the Zoom using the link HERE or on the Event posting in the FB group.

We added some country and some throwback hits to this months music mix.

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