Dec 2022/Jan 2023 Monthly Focus

December 19th-January 1st: 

These two weeks are dedicated to keeping it simple and finishing the year strong during the busy holiday weeks. In addition to your focus on your daily BASICS we are doing a Self-Care BINGO each week as a fun way to take care of YOU!

Click HERE to access your Self-Care BINGO boards!

January 2nd-8th: 

This is the week of our 3-day RESET. The Jan 4-6 RESET is FREE, open to the public and held in another FB group. YESSSSS! You should join to refresh your own BASICS and support the other women ready to RESET in the New Year #noresolutionsneeded. 

You can sign up HERE to be sure you are receiving all the RESET info & get into the FB group HERE

January 9th-22nd: 

This is the 1st step in our 2 step deep dive into challenging the BASICS.

For the next 14 days you are going to learn all about the Real Strong Mom program and what the BASICS of the program are. During this time you are simply going to observe your own habits while you gain the knowledge to make sustainable change.

We will use the #ChallengeTheBasics Habit Tracker HERE to observe our habits.

Throughout the 14 days there will be LIVE chats, informational posts, and emails to give you everything you need to be ready to challenge the basics in YOUR REAL LIFE starting 1/23! This is when you’ll take your observations and knowledge of the BASICS to begin the 2nd step of #ChallengeTheBasics which is taking ACTION on what YOU need most! 

Dec/Jan EVENT Calendar HERE

Dec/Jan Song Playlist HERE

Dec/Jan Phone Wallpaper HERE

JOIN US FOR SOME FACE to FACE TIME at one of our ZOOM chats!! 

ZOOMS for FUN: We will have super casual ZOOMS where we hang out and chat and enjoy each others company — come to meet some of our awesome mamas and leave with friends!

Support Zooms: We will have these Zooms twice a month where you are invited to come into the zoom room to chat about anything you need support on. It will be first come first serve style and a great way to work through something with Melanie.

** Check the Event Calendar for ZOOM dates and times!

Our Club ZOOM link is HERE for when you need it and the code is: RSMclub

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