December 2021 Monthly Focus

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Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle.

Our 5 week Club Month: Nov 29th – Jan 2nd

This month is all about finishing 2021 mentally and physically STRONGER! I am giving you all the extra fun and jazz to keep the real strong momentum through the holiday season and December!

This time of year inevitably brings some extra stress and overwhelm but ladies — this time of year COMES EVERY YEAR and every year we get a little bit stronger. So, this year we are fighting through by leaning into our basics, recognizing what we need to adjust based on the RSM season we feel we are in (green, yellow, red) and doing what we can to #finishStronger!

#MerryMadness: is our EXTRA Fitness Focus for the month. Click HERE to access the calendar and more info!

#CaptureTheSeason: This is a fun way for us to share some of our personal behind the scenes (our family, home, and holiday fun) as we celebrate the season together online!

Capture and share a picture each day that relates to the daily theme. This will be included in the daily tasks in the announcements each day as well. Click HERE to print or download the #CaptureTheSeason calendar.

Self-Care Bingo: This is ALL FOR YOUUUU! This is NEW and I am so dang excited about it!!! Think of this like an early Christmas GIFT that you can get to open everyday!! PLUS, I am giving away prizes for BINGO participators!!! So, you wanna check it out HERE!

We are going to dive deep into some great topics this month:

11/30 Week 1: Self Care in the season 

12/7 Week 2: Planning Ahead to stay BASIC

12/14 Week 3: No stress holiday eating system

12/21 Week 4: Merry Mindset — creating BASIC holiday memories without guilt or shame

12/28 Week 5: New year + review of the 2021


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