December Monthly Focus


Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle.

December Focus 2019


#MerryMadness is our BONUS Fitness Focus for the month.

Each day of the calendar has a specific exercise. We will perform each days exercise plus the previous days exercise. Every day builds on the next and by the end of the month we are performing ALL the exercises together.

This month we will also be doing a new workout each day — we are pulling from the archives with 4 new OLD workouts each week — on the calendar for each day there is a workout you will see a link to the PDF and LIVE workout. 

Click HERE to print or download the #WrappingUp2019 Workout link Calendar

Click HERE to print or download the #MerryMadness Calendar and HERE to watch the #MerryMadness Video Demo

Click HERE for the LIVE workout schedule + other EVENTS happening in the club this month.


#HealthyHolidays is our Nutrition Focus for this month.

It’s the last month of the year and it’s important for us to remember the nutritional commitments that we KNOW help us maintain a #RealStrong lifestyle.

Click HERE to print or download your #HealthyHolidays commitments and your nutrition focus for the month. Post these somewhere so that you can see them this month as a reminder.


This is our DAILY FUN task in the Facebook Group!! 

Capture and share a picture each day that relates to the daily theme! I will post this daily task in the announcements each day as well.

Click HERE to print or download the #CaptureTheSeason calendar

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