Exercise Database

Upper Body

112 Bicep Curl

112 Chest Press

112 Front Raise

112 Hammercurl

112 Lateral Raise

112 Military Press

112 Shoulder Press

Alternating Dumbbell Around The World

Alternating Dumbbell Clean to Press

Alternating Dumbbell Curl to Forehead Press

Alternating Hammer Curl to Press

Alternating One Arm Chest Press

Alternating One Arm Military Press

Alternating One Arm Tricep Extension

Alternating Snatch

Alternating Wide Upright Row

Around the World Raise

Arnold Press

Bent Arm Lateral Raise

Bent Over One Dumbbell Reaching Row

Bent Over Rear Delt Raise

Bent Over Row

Bent Over Row and Tricep Extension

Bent Over Row plus Fly

Bent Over Wide Dumbbell Row

Bent Over See-Saw Row

Bicep Curl

Bicep Curl Pulse

Bicep Curl to Overhead Press

Bottom Half Lateral Raise Pulse

Chest Fly

Chest Fly Pulse

Chest Fly plus Pullover

Chest Fly with Hip Thrust

Chest Press

Chest Press Crunch

Chest Press to Alternating One Arm Fly

Chest Press to Fly

Close Grip Chest Press

Curl to Front Raise to Dumbbell Punch

Deadlift to Wide Row

Diagonal DB Snatch to the Opposite Corner

Dumbbell 21

Dumbbell Lat Pulldown

Dumbbell Side Bend

Dumbell Shrug

Dumbbell Swing

Dumbbell Uppercut

Floor Sit Lean Back 1 DB Chest Press

Hammer Curl

Hammer Curl Into Shoulder Abduction

Hammer Curl to Press to Upright Row

Hammer Curl to Press to Upright Row to Raise

Hammer Pendulum Curl

Heavy Dumbbell Side Bends

Inverted Row

Lateral Raise and Front Raise

Lateral Raise Hold plus Front Raise Hold

Lying Dumbbell Pull Over

Lying Tricep Extension

Military Press


One Arm High Pull

One Arm Push Press

One Arm Row

One Dumbbell Half Circle Trunk Rotation

One Dumbbell Pullover

Opposite Arms Lateral Raise plus Front Raise

Overhead Dumbbell Swing

Overhead Tricep Extension

Palms In See-Saw Press

Palms In Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Up

Push Up to Downward Dog

Renegade Row

Seated Bent Over Row plus Raise

Seated Dumbbell Press

Seated Military Press

Seated Rear Delt Raise

See-saw Press

Skull Crusher AND Skull Crusher with Hip Thrust Hold

Slow Bicep Curl

Squat Plus Curl to Press

Squat to Press

Standing DB Pec Deck

Step Up plus Curl to Press

Stir the DB

Straight Arm Tricep Kickback

Sumo Squat to High Pull

Top Half Hammer Curl Pulses

Tricep Dip

Tricep Kick Back

Two Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift to Press

Upright Row

Wood Chopper

Zottman Curl

Lower Body

Alternating Fire Hydrant

Alternating Forward Lunge

Alternating Forward Lunge w/ Tricep Extension

Alternating Reverse Lunge w/ DB Press

Alternating Side Lunge + Hammer Curl

Alternating Side Squat to Press

Bulgarian Split Squat

Clock Lunge

Criss Cross Squat

Curtsey Lunge with Press

Donkey Kickback

Dumbbell Iron Cross

Dumbbell Step Ups

Dumbbell Swing

Fast Feet

Feet Elevated Glute Bridge

Fire Hydrant Pulse

Hip Thrust

Hip Thrust with Pullover

Lateral Lunge plus Knee Drive at the Top

Lying Leg-Lower with One Dumbbell Overhead

Narrow Stance Goblet Squat

One Dumbbell Alternating Diagonal Lunge

One Dumbbell Alternating Side Lunge

One Dumbbell at your Chest Static Lunge

One Dumbbell Curtsey Lunge

One Dumbbell Curtsey Lunge to Squat

One Dumbbell Forward Lunge Plus Side Lunge

One Dumbbell Frog Squat

One Dumbbell Good Morning

One Dumbbell Lateral Step Squat

One Dumbbell Side to Side Squat

One Dumbbell Slow Sumo Squat to Quick Stand

One Dumbbell Squat to Calf Raise

One Dumbbell Squat to Lateral Kick

One Dumbbell Static Lunge

One Dumbbell Sumo Pulse

One Dumbbell Sumo Squat – Dumbbell to the Floor – Curl to Press

One Dumbbell Sumo Squat

Reverse Lunge

Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive

Romanian Deadlift

Romanian Deadlift plus Curl

Single Leg Deadlift

Skull Crusher with Hip Thrust Hold

Squat Hold and Dumbbell Press

Squat Hold and Squat Pulse

Squat Plus Alternating Reverse Lunge

Squat Plus Curl to Press

Squat to Press

Squat to Press with Weight at Shoulders

Squat Up-Chain

Squat Walk

Staggered Deadlift

Static Lunge

Stiff Leg Deadlift

Stiff Leg Deadlift plus Hammer Curl

Stiff Leg Deadlift plus Row plus Fly

Switch Lunges

Thruster with a Pull and Squeeze

Two Dumbbell One and a Half Squat

Two Dumbbell Calf Raises

Two Dumbbell Narrow Squat

Two Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift to Press

Two Dumbbell Squat

Two Dumbbell Squat w/ Lateral Raise

Two Dumbbell Step Ups

Two Dumbbell Sumo Squat Pulse

Two Dumbbell Sumo Romanian Deadlift

Cardio Moves

Burpee – Push Up – Jack Feet – Stand Up

Butt Kicks

Clap Skip

Get Up


High Knees

Hop Over Burpee

In and Out Squat Jumps

Jumping Jack/Squat Jack/Jazzy Jacks

Jump Rope

Mountain Climbers

One Dumbbell Jumping Jack

One Dumbbell Otis Up

Seal Jack


Speed Step Ups

Squat Burpee

Squat Jump

Star Jump


Toe Touches

Touchdown Jacks

Triple Bear

Weighted Burpee

Weighted Burpee with Dumbbell Punch

Womanizer/Woman Maker

Core Moves

Alternating Arm Reach High Plank

Ankle Touches

Bicycle Crunch

Butterfly Sit Up

Chest Press Crunch

Cross Mountain Climbers

Dead Bug

Diagonal Crunch

Flutter Kicks

Frog Pump

High Plank Dumbbell Drag

Leg Climb Crunches

Lying One Dumbbell Sit Up

Plank Jack

Reverse Crunch

Rotisserie Plank

Russian Twist

Russian Twist plus Press in the Middle

Salsa Plank

Scissor Planks

See-saw plank

Side Plank Crunch

Side Plank Reach Through

Ski Jump

Spelling a Word with your Feet

Starfish Crunch

Suitcase Crunch


Tabletop Crunch

Up and Down Plank


Variations of the Plank

Walk Out Push Up

Wall Sit

Weighted Crunch

Warm Up + Cool Down

Arm Swings

Butterfly Stretch

Crossover Arm Shoulder Stretch

Hip Circles

Leaning into Lateral Lunge

Leg Swings

Seated One Arm Overhead Tricep Stretch

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