Feb 2022 Monthly Focus

February 2022 Monthly Focus

Merry Fab-ruary -- let's show this month all the love!

This is a 5 week club month. Feb 7-March 13

Repeat after me: Keep it MERRY, keep it bright. February is worth the fight 😉

We are fighting the funk with self love, body love, and a VERY MERRY February vibe and attitude! Fight to be Merry by showing up for some fun lovin’ tasks each day! We have an extra fitness challenge and Fight to be Merry Bingo Board!! Grab your bingo board HERE!

Your daily check in will include: 

I 💗 my BASICS today by:
I 💜 a BINGO task today by:
I ❤️ my #FitnessFrenzy today:

Merry fab-ruary fitness frenzy

5 Week Fitness Challenge 

This month for our fitness focus we are going to give our FAB body parts some extra LOVE! Use the calendar HERE to challenge yourself and stay accountable during this FAB Fitness FRENZY!!! 

Week 1: Love Your Butt – SQUATS

Week 2: Fab Abs – CRUNCHES

Week 3: Heart Hustle – JUMPING JACKS  

Week 4: Bicep Burn – CURLS

Week 5: Pucker Up & Push Up – PUSH UPS

Lovin on some LIVE chats

Each week I will go LIVE and we will dig deep on these topics.

2/8: The Success path and what GOAL you are working towards

2/15: Loving the process: Underworking vs Overworking

2/22: Love to start fresh: Learning to overcome failure + BASIC Mistakes

3/1: Show your routine some love: How to plan ahead

3/8: Loving your lifestyle: Making change thats so simple and doable that it lasts

Love all the other club stuff

February Song Play List HERE

February EVENT calendar HERE 

Club Buddy List HERE

February phone Wallpaper HERE 

February BOOK CLUB — I will be reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.

We have 3 different types of ZOOM meetings each month: 

Group goal setting/planning: Make A Plan ZOOM sessions will be in middle and end of the month. Join us to set your intentions based on what needs the most attention for you.

MONDAY LIVE Group ZOOM Coaching: We will have 3 LIVE coaching sessions this month — they will be held on Mondays at 3 different times (morning, midday & evening) to accommodate everyone. They will be ZOOM style and recorded for you to watch back anytime.

ZOOMS for FUN: Twice a month these are a chance for you to come in and hang out with other RSMS and get to know your community — they are super fun, relaxed and a fun way to connect!

Our Club ZOOM link is HERE for when you need it and the code is: RSMclub


February Fitness Schedule and Info HERE

February Advanced Fitness Schedule and Info HERE

Live Workouts & Monthly Archived LIVES HERE

Yearly BASIC Trackers HERE

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