Feb Monthly Focus


Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle.

February 2021 Monthly Focus

Our February Focus is all about the LOVE

This is a 4 week club month. Feb 1-Feb 28

We have 3 different themes this month listed below — all focused on LOVING this real strong lifestyle of ours!! … even our workouts are about LOVING our upper, lower, middle and total hot bod!! 

Our daily tasks for each of these FOCUS can be found in ONE calendar right HERE

Your NEW workouts — including a BONUS CORE workout — are located in the beginner and the advanced fitness section. 


2 Minute Habit Stacking Fitness Challenge 

This month as an extra fitness challenge we will be doing a 2 minute add on each day. The 2 minute challenge will change for each week.

The point of this challenge is to see how simple — yet powerful — it can be to add on 2 minutes each day. 

Challenge yourself to incorporate this habit by stacking it onto another habit — like planking right before your shower each day OR doing push ups while the coffee brews. Showering and coffee are already established habits in your day so lets see how it feels to stack some other awesome habits onto them! 

On the Monday of each week I will record a 2 min LIVE video (including LOVE yourself affirmations) you can use to follow along with for each week! 

Week 1: 2 min Plank Session HERE

Week 2: 2 min Squat Session 

Week 3: 2 min Push Up Session 

Week 4: 2 min Burpee Session


This month for our nutrition focus we are going to pay some attention to a few very important topics! Each week I will share posts and LIVE chats digging deeper in to these topics. 

Week 1: Starch 

Week 2: The Whole Plate 

Week 3: 80/20

Week 4: Detective Work


Every day for 28 days you will be give a #LoveYourSelf task to complete and share in our group. This is so much more than just a comment — this is time for you to reflect, journal, and really take the time to love on yourself this month… take this challenge seriously and put the effort into it that YOU deserve! 

Love all the other club stuff

February Song Play List HERE

February EVENT calendar HERE 

Club Buddy List HERE

February BOOK CLUB — I will be reading Jen Sincero’s Badass Habits this month after we finish You are A Badass. Chapters will be read LIVE and then put into the UNITS section of the FB group.

Group goal setting/planning ZOOM sessions will be at the beginning, middle, and end of each month. 

LIVE Coaching! We will have TWO LIVE coaching sessions this month. They will be ZOOM style and will be recorded and kept for you to watch back anytime. 

ZOOMS for FUN! We will have a couple super casual ZOOMS where we hang out and chat and enjoy each others company — come to meet some of our awesome mamas and leave with friends! 

** Check the Event Calendar for ZOOM dates and times! 

Our Club ZOOM link is HERE for when you need it and the code is: RSMclub

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