January 2022 Monthly Focus

January 2022 Monthly Focus

WEEK 1: Normal club week


Jan 3-Jan 9

You are welcome to join us in the public RESET that is Jan 5-7 to get a refresher on the club BASICS and get ready for our 3 week challenge starting here in the club NEXT week.

Sign up for the RESET HERE

Join the public challenge group HERE

WEEK 2-4


The NEW YEAR is HERE and has us ready to RESET to start fresh!! We are going to take THREE WHOLE WEEKS to challenge the BASICS.

We will spend this time challenging and showing up for the simple & doable BASICS in our REAL life —  creating new routines and habits as we transition into the New Year!


Welcome to the Challenge info HERE

Challenge Checklist HERE

Progress Tracker HERE


We will have EXTRA LIVE chats during the 3 weeks of #Challengethebasics they are noted on the EVENT calendar linked below.


Jan 10-16

Week 1 Calendar & Info HERE


Jan 17-23

Week 2 Calendar & Info HERE


Jan 24-30

Week 3 Calendar & Info HERE 

WEEK 5: #whatif challenge

The last week of our club month and #ChallengeTheBasics I am asking you to challenge yourself by asking: WHAT IF as often as you can.

Burn this phrase into your head and have a week full of moments that you feel so damn proud of! Cuz, well…WHAT IF? 

What if you did that? What if you followed through? What if you showed up when you didn’t feel like it? What if you did that thing you keep saying you are going to do? What if…

Jan 31-Feb 6: 

#WhatIf Challenge Details HERE


Other vip info

January Song Play List HERE

January EVENT calendar HERE 

January Phone Wallpaper HERE


January BOOK CLUB — I will continue reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown this month. Chapters will be read LIVE and then put into the GUIDES section of the FB group. You can also catch replays of all of our read alouds in THIS database on the portal!


We have 3 different types of ZOOM meetings each month: 

Group goal setting/planning: Make A Plan ZOOM sessions will be in middle and end of the month. Join us to set your intentions based on what needs the most attention for you.

MONDAY LIVE Group ZOOM Coaching: We will have 3 LIVE coaching sessions this month — they will be held on Mondays at 3 different times (morning, midday & evening) to accommodate everyone. They will be ZOOM style and recorded for you to watch back anytime. 

ZOOMS for FUN: Twice a month these are a chance for you to come in and hang out with other RSMS and get to know your community — they are super fun, relaxed and a fun way to connect!

Our Club ZOOM link is HERE for when you need it and the code is: RSMclub

Quick Access

January Beginner Fitness Schedule and Info HERE

January Advanced Fitness Schedule and Info HERE

Live Workouts & Monthly Archived LIVES HERE

Yearly BASIC Trackers HERE


Early Bird Real Strong Retreat Tickets are on sale NOW HERE

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