July 2022 Monthly Focus

July Club Focus: #watchme #WintheSummer

This month we will focus on keeping it simple with the BASICS and challenging ourselves to recognize the wins that we are having throughout this club month.  

Our 5 week club month is June 27th – July 31st.

#Winthesummer Challenge tracker

Your #WinTheSummer Basic Challenge can be tracked using THIS calendar. 

You will track your Daily Summer Wins: 

  • Plate: Over all nutrition, protein, freggies, starch
  • Move20: 4 workouts a week, restorative exercise, walking, moving daily
  • Water: Focus on an amount that feels good to you daily #justdrinkthedamnwater
  • 80/20: Managing/moderating your treats and indulgences while enjoying the way that you eat — this is a good summer time focus! 
  • FB WIN: Share daily a way that you are WINNING — whether it is checking off the challenge boxes, making a #WWMD choice, sharing a NSV or anything EXTRA that you are proud of like your BURPEES!
In addition to tracking these WINS you will also find some VIP info on the calendar about setting a goal and tracking your progress throughout the month. 

Other VIP Club Stuff

July EVENT Calendar HERE

July Song Playlist HERE

July Buddies HERE

#WinTheSummer Phone Wallpaper HERE

July Burpee Challenge Calendar HERE

June Book Club — Join me at 10:30am CST on Thursdays for our LIVE read aloud in the FB group! We will continue to read “Everything is Figureoutable”. If you miss a LIVE, you can catch the replays that will be in the “Guides” section of the FB group!

JOIN US FOR SOME FACE to FACE TIME at one of our ZOOM chats!! 

ZOOMS for FUN! We will have super casual ZOOMS where we hang out and chat and enjoy each others company — come to meet some of our awesome mamas and leave with friends!

Group Goal Setting Zooms — held at the beginning and middle of each month.

Group Zoom Coaching — a chance for you to pop in work through a struggle with me or chat about an individual question.

** Check the Event Calendar for ZOOM dates and times!

Our Club ZOOM link is HERE for when you need it and the code is: RSMclub

Quick Access

July Beginner & Advanced Fitness Schedule and Info are grouped together now and you can find them HERE

Live Workouts and Monthly Archived Lives

Monthly Habit Trackers 

Blank Monthly Exercise Challenge Tracker

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