July/Aug Monthly Focus

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Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle .

July Club Focus:

This month is all about making the most of our summer while following through with the BASICS that keep us functioning well, seeing progress weekly, staying the course with the habits we have built, and living REAL STRONG in each and every situation! 

Last month we took a nitty gritty look at each BASIC up close — this month we are going to take a more broad look at the lifestyle we are creating.

I want you to look at your meals, your movement, your day, your week, and your BASICS with an overall perspective. Considering these things — ask yourself: How did I do overall?

Using the calendar HERE and your daily FB posts 

you will use a GREEN CHECK and a RED X to evaluate your day. 

Extra Challenge: The Bingo Board

This months EXTRAS are to be completed whenever they are convenient for you — try to add on one each day if you can or work on them when you need a little challenge or push. 

Share your completed tasks daily throughout the month and your completed boards with us in the FB group when you’re done to be entered to win a #SummerStrong Real Strong Mom Gift Basket 



Club EVENT Calendar

Print your club EVENT calendar HERE to keep track of LIVE workouts, LIVE chats and other events happening in the club!!!

We will be adding ZOOM office hours this month so that you can hop into the zoom room and ask me questions, work through a struggle or chat about anything that you need to work through. Check the calendar for dates and times.

Don’t forget about our weekly Zoom chats! A zoom chat is a video conference style meeting where we get to SEE each other and chat casually!! Super FUN!!! Join the Zoom using the link HERE or on the Event posting in the FB group.

Club July Workout Music Playlist

Access your club July playlist HERE

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