March 2023 Monthly Focus

Our theme this month is mindfulness.

We will have a weekly mindful theme that we will work through and that theme will also be our focus at our LIVE Tuesday chat each week. I will share a tool and lesson each week to help you focus in this area.

Looking for some EXTRA ways to be mindful this month?? 

Grab our 35 days of #MindfulMe tool HERE!  

Grab our #MoveMore for 35 days calendar HERE!

Each week for 5 weeks we will chat about and work on these topics! 

Before we get started: 

NEW club month overview + Creating a Mantra #livechat REPLAY HERE & tool HERE

Week 1: Mindful Mindset

Creating your Real Strong Vision Board: 5 minute lesson HERE & tool HERE 

2/28 LIVE Chat REPLAY HERE & Notes HERE 


Week 2: Mindful Nutrition 

3/7 LIVE Chat REPLAY HERE & Notes HERE + Awareness Checklist HERE


Week 3: Mindful Movement



Week 4: Mindful Stress Management



Week 5: Mindful Momentum (tracking progress, seasons, grace, and what to do when you aren’t motivated)

3/28 LIVE Chat REPLAY HERE & Notes HERE 


March EVENT Calendar HERE

March Song Playlist HERE

March Phone Wallpaper HERE

JOIN US FOR SOME FACE to FACE TIME at one of our ZOOM chats!! 

ZOOMS for FUN: We will have super casual ZOOMS where we hang out and chat and enjoy each others company — come to meet some of our awesome mamas and leave with friends!

Support Zooms: We will have these Zooms twice a month where you are invited to come into the zoom room to chat about anything you need support on. It will be first come first serve style and a great way to work through something with Melanie.

** Check the Event Calendar for ZOOM dates and times!

Our Club ZOOM link is HERE for when you need it and the code is: RSMclub

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