Aug/Sept Monthly Focus


Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle.

Featured Focus AUG-SEPT

BAck to basics

This month we are going back to the basics!!

Each week in addition to our regular schedule we will have a BASIC food & fitness FOCUS that will be a fun and interesting way for us to be challenged and step it up!

Week 1 Calendar HERE

Week 2 Calendar HERE

Week 3 Calendar HERE

Week 4 Calendar HERE

Week 5 Calendar HERE

Click HERE to view our EVENT CALENDAR for the month!

weekly EXTRAS

Every week I will do an EXTRA 7 minute LIVE workout that is optional but a FUN way to add in an extra FOCUS!! Click each link below to print the PDF and check the EVENT calendar to see when we will do these workouts LIVE!!

Week 1: 7 Min Arms PDF HERE

Week 2: 7 Min Shoulders PDF HERE

Week 2: 7 Min Body Weight ONLY PDF HERE

Week 4: 7 Min Booty PDF HERE

Week 5: 7 Min CORE PDF HERE

Aug - Sept Daily Tasks

We are going to keep our Daily Tasks simple, doable, FUN & BASIC!

We will have the daily “THEMED” posts each week with different topics/questions to keep communication flowing and participation active!

These Daly Tasks will be PINNED in the ANNOUNCEMENTS each day! 

In the ANNOUNCEMENTS you will also find:

– Events for the week

– LIVE workouts after we do them

– Any LIVE chats we have had for the month

– Important info that I need you to be aware of

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