June Monthly Focus

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Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle .

June Club Monthly Focus: #WIN30days

This month will consist of our #WIN30DAYS FOCUS!

PLUS our EXTRA Challenge is the weekly #FitGoal which is 5 different weeks of 5 different fitness challenge goals.

What is #win30days?

We will use the #Win30Day Challenge Calendar to WIN as many days as we can by crossing off the BASIC boxes each day.

These BASICS will be: plate, move, water, 80/20, FB wins, and extra.

Aim for 80% or better WINS on your calendar!

  • Thats 144 out of 180 boxes..
  • which is just shy of 150 boxes..
  • which is 5 out of 6 boxes each day


We will measure progress Day 1, Day 15, and Day 30.

I will be giving away CASH prizes for participation in the #Win30Day Challenge throughout the month!

Calendar & Info Sheet HERE

What is the #fitgoal challenge

Each week we will have a different EXTRA CHALLENGE that will take you 5-10ish minutes. This is BONUS FUN STUFF to ADD ON to your BADASS fitness routine. 

— are you up for the challenge???  

HERE Is the #FitGoal Week 1-5 Challenge Calendar 

Club EVENT Calendar

Print your club EVENT calendar HERE to keep track of LIVE workouts, LIVE chats and other events happening in the club!!! 

Club Buddies

If you requested a club buddy you can find the buddy pairings HERE!

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