Oct/Nov 2021 Monthly Focus

Featured Focus


Each month we will have a main focus to help us create and maintain a STRONG lifestyle.

Our 5 week Club Month: Oct 25th – Nov 28th

This club month is geared towards movement, gratitude and mindset.



At the end of the club month RSM is hosting a 5k run/walk Virtual Turkey Trot. You can sign up here and invite your friends and family to join as well — this event is open to the public — and an amazing way to celebrate real food & real fitness in our real life! With that being said our “extra” movement for the month is a #walkaday to race day challenge!! A fun way to challenge yourself to “train” and be ready for the Turkey Trot all month!


It’s the perfect time of year to take some time to be thankful and grateful for your #basicblessings so all month we are going to journal and share!


This last month we worked hard at challenging our 5 basics. We asked #whatif and did the detective work around experimenting with habit changes to see how to make them work easily for us. Now it’s time to work through our thoughts and beliefs and mindset surrounding the actions we take..

How are we talking to ourselves?

How is the way we are feeling impacting the way we act?

What stories are we telling ourselves?

What beliefs are holding us back??


We are going to dive deep into

real strong mindset with our Tuesday Chat topics:

10/27 Week 1: Shifting your mindset to focus on who you want to become.

11/2 Week 2: Good, better, best choices and creating behavior changes to support your real strong lifestyle goals.

11/9 Week 3: The RSM “season” system 

11/16 Week 4: How to gain control of the freedom that NOT dieting allows us.

11/23 Week 5: Strategies for confidently managing the holidays.


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