#ResetReferral 2021

10 days of Reset Referrals

Hey mama~ I know life is all kinds of crazy in the New Year but I also know that we want to be all kinds of focused heading into January as well… and hey mama I bet your friends and family are feeling the same way!! 

The thing about your friends and family tho — they don’t have the Real Strong Coaching Club on their side… YET!!! 

I want to change that and I need your help. 

I just put the finishing touches on the FREE 3 day challenge #ResultsWithoutRestriciton and I gotta tell you, I’m SO excited about it! 

This 3 day challenge is an intro to all things Real Strong Coaching Club, the BASICS, and the idea that we don’t need a new diet, 21 day program, cleanse, detox or any quick fix bullshit in our lives this coming year… we simply need to RESET and create doable habits that last.

After the 3 day challenge the ladies will get an invite to join us INSIDE the coaching club to #CHALLENGETHEBASICS — our NEW New Year THREE WEEK CHALLENGE — exclusive to club members ONLY! 

Alright -- so how can you help me? GLAD YOU ASKED!!!

Referrals from our current members have been the number one way we have brought new real strong mamas into our community so for this free challenge I am going to reward you for spreading the word. 

HERE are the #ResetReferral DETAILS:

Every day for 10 days (Dec 27th – Jan 5th) I am going to send you an email with an idea of how you can share about the free RESET. 

You can follow the prompt for the day or pick from the list. Every time you share, take a screenshot of it and send it to me via FB messenger. The more you share the more opportunities you have to WIN points.


Where you share your posts and who you share them with will earn you different point values. Here’s the rundown: 

  • Go LIVE on your page or in a group you are a part of = 10 pts
  • Send a private message, email or text = 4 pts 
  • Post in a group you are a part of = 3 points
  • Post on your page, in your stories, or on Instagram = 2 pts
  • Tag a friend on a Real Strong Mom post = 1 pt
  • Share a Real Strong Mom post = 1 pt

* Each post must also include the link to sign up for the RESET!

**AND every time you share, take a screenshot of it and send it to me via FB messenger.

10 DAYS OF RESET REFERRALS POSTS (will be sent daily in email or you can pick one that works for you each day):

  1. Share a testimonial using this script: Hey friends! I want to share something amazing with you! I have been working with Melanie from Real Strong mom for __________ (insert amount of time) and since joining I have _________________ (insert results)! I love ___________________ best about working with Melanie. Being in her coaching club I have also benefited by _________________! The most important thing you should know about working with Melanie is this… ___________________! I would also like to add _________________________!
  2. Share a picture of your walk, workout, plate or other real strong BASIC.
  3. Share the challenge details with the image provided or your own post.
  4. Share about a virtual connection you have made through the coaching club and tag that mama in your post. “If it weren’t for the RSCC I would have never met ________ and without her my life would be ________!”
  5. Share a coaching club AHA moment that you have had since joining.
  6. Share your healthy new year goals and how the club is helping you to achieve them. 
  7. Share how the coaching club is different from other diets/programs you have done before.
  8. Share a before and after picture or non-scale before and after victories. (Ex. Share a plate from before vs. a real strong plate now)
  9. Share a “look who’s watching” post of how being in the club has impacted your family. 
  10. Share about how incorporating 80/20 has allowed you to eat the foods you love without feeling deprived. 

*Each post must also include the link to sign up for the RESET! 


The part you have been waiting for: PRIZES!!!!

  • Every point you earn enters you into a drawing to WIN our grand prize of $200 cash
  • Every point you earn also enters you into a drawing to WIN Mom Fuel Protein Powder, Momsanity BCAA, a BIG JUG, or a RSM Journal. 
  • The TOP 3 MVPS (most points earned) each win $50 cash


* Noone will be allowed to win more than 2 prizes

** There is a NO limit on entries or posts per day.


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